Company Retirement Plans

Company Retirement Plan | 401(k) binder, financial papers, calculator

Among the greatest benefits a business owner can offer his or her valued employees is to help them avoid their “Worst Financial Mistake” in preparing for their desired retirement lifestyle. Your well-managed retirement plan is characterized by two simple, but essential qualities:

  1. It should work. Your plan’s form, structure and investment selections should help employees fully participate, make informed choices toward achieving a comfortable retirement, and engage in personalized advice as well as educational forums to help them stay the course in ever-volatile markets.
  1. It should be relatively easy to manage. Your retirement plan provider should alleviate as many of the administrative burdens as possible – including those fiduciary obligations that you can (should) delegate to a professional advisor. Your provider team should be there for you and your HR team, to guide you through the remaining plan-sponsor duties that cannot be delegated to others.

At Vertical investments, we help you and your employees avoid their “worst mistakes” with a full-service retirement plan solution that includes:

  • Investment portfolios designed, managed and rebalanced according to our evidence-based investment strategy
  • ERISA support and advice, including ERISA 3(38) fiduciary coverage for plan investment portfolios
  • ERISA 404(c) compliance QDIA (Qualified Default Investment Alternative)
  • Support for plan sponsor fiduciary obligations, including creating an Investment Policy Statement; reporting on performance; and offering benchmarking and analyses on other plans’ costs and designs
  • Plan participant advice and education, including quarterly presentations, newsletters and related informational materials
  • Third-Party Administrator (TPA) oversight