Investment Management

Evidence-Based Investment Management

We only create portfolios tailored to your best interests. But to do that, we have to first understand what those interests are. That means reviewing your present finances, long-term goals, and risk tolerance.

From there, we work backward to lay out the financial plan that will take you there. And it’s designed using Evidence-Based Investing. 

Evidence-based investing (EBI) is an investment planning methodology that aims to cut out all of the excess noise and focus on the facts. 

This technique puts the focus on the finances to keep emotions, biases, and other outside influences in check. It seeks out objective figures on risks, returns, and historical performances in your investment selections. And you’ll continue to see its influence as your portfolio grows in size.

1. Asset Allocation

We’ll have your investments range across market asset classes to maximize long-term returns.

2. Diversification

We’ll use deep diversification to keep the sum of your market risk lower than its individual parts.

3. Cost Control

We’ll show you how it’s possible that the less you spend on investing, the more you get to keep.

Our Investment Management Process

Evidence-Based Investing (EBI) is rooted in discipline. And that discipline applies to setting up your portfolio as well as managing it over time. It’s not enough to just plan out a roadmap to your financial objectives. We also need to have habits in place to ensure you make it to your destination

After determining your objectives, risk tolerance, and investment horizon, we develop an Investment Policy Statement that informs your proper asset allocation (an investment mix that gives you the best chance of meeting your investment goals).

At a minimum, our quarterly reviews will check in on the progress you and your financial plan are making.

During these times we’re able to see if your investments are aligned with the objectives, risk tolerance, and investment horizon they set out on. If adjustments are needed, we’ll work with you step-by-step in finding the new best solution.