Financial Second Opinion

It’s not uncommon for us to get a second opinion when receiving medical advice, selling our homes or getting our cars fixed – why not with our investments?

A financial second opinion offers you an independent, unbiased, second look at your investments, and ultimately the additional peace of mind that confidence in your choices brings.

Our financial second opinion begins with a discussion about your short and long-term goals, then we review your current portfolio with you to determine if it is structured to help you reach those goals.

If we find that your current investment plan is well suited for your investment goals, we’ll tell you so and send you on your way, more confident in the choices that you’ve made. If on the other hand, we feel that your current portfolio is no longer inline with your goals, we’ll explain our concerns in plain English, and, if you like, will recommend an alternative game plan aimed at improving the probability of reaching those goals.

Request a Financial Second Opinion

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