How to Write Your Retirement Resignation Letter

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Every day 10 thousand people in the US turn 65. They’re becoming the fastest-growing segment of the population.

With turning 65 comes the right of passage which is retirement. As you embark upon this exciting new journey in your life, you may begin to wonder what your retirement resignation letter to your employer should say and what pertinent information it needs to include.

If you’re getting ready to retire or resign from your job, here are some ideas for a professional retirement resignation letter.

Decide on a Delivery Method

The best way to maintain a good relationship with your boss is to tell them about your retirement in a face-to-face meeting. You can go in with a prepared resignation letter and give it to them after discussing it. They will appreciate the courtesy.

A meeting allows you to ask questions or casually talk about potential contract work. Be sure to send a copy of the letter to Human Resources as they will take care of the payment and pension details. If you are a remote worker, you can email your notice.

Meet with HR and determine how they will manage your unused vacation or sick days. If applicable, discuss changes to your medical coverage and initiate your retirement benefits.

Focus on the Details

Your resignation letter is the document that notifies your employer you are resigning from a job. It gives them time to prepare and allows them to make certain changes in your status.

Here are the most important details to include in a retirement letter.

  • the date of your retirement
  • your last day of work
  • your future contact information

Find a suitable retirement letter template to help you write a professional letter. Give your employer notice to allow them to find a replacement but don’t make your notice period too long. It can be awkward to continue to work with a team that knows you’re leaving.

Be Sure to Give Thanks

It’s important to be gracious, but you don’t have to be effusive. Thank your employer for your experience with the company, and mention how much you’ll miss working with your team. You want to maintain a connection with some of your work friends.

You can mention a bit of your history or what accomplishments you’re proud of achieving during your time there. It’s a great reminder in case they are looking for a consultant in the future.

Maintain a Professional Tone

You want to end your employment on a good note. A well-written retirement letter will allow you to retire with dignity and help your employer maintain a positive impression of you. Keep it concise and check it for errors before you send it.

Your retirement letter is not the time to air grievances or tell people what you think of them. You don’t know what your future holds, and you may need a reference in the future. Don’t burn your bridges on your way out.

Write a Great Retirement Resignation Letter

When you hand over your retirement resignation letter, you may suddenly realize you aren’t sure what to do next. We can help you convert your retirement savings into a reliable income stream.

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