Insurance Planning

Insurance planning –  Comprehensive Risk Management

Emergencies happen and you and your wealth need to be prepared. In later stages of life your finances won’t have the same time to rebound from the unexpected. But we’re able to make sure you’re covered from several angles. 

To retire with confidence you and your family need multiple types of protection. But that protection can’t come at a cost that’s detrimental to the endurance of your wealth. Through our insurance planning process, we’ll make sure you’re protected both ways.

1. Basic Insurance

We’ll put together the proper amount of Life, Home, and Auto Insurance for you and your family.

2. Other Insurance

We’ll make sure the appropriate Umbrella Insurance, Disability Insurance, and Long-Term Care is there.


3. Health Insurance

We’ll navigate the complexities, costs, and the changes needed in your health insurance together.

Our Insurance Planning Process

Our process begins by focusing on what clients actually need. That’s because insurance brokers are too often willing to put their interests ahead of their clients. We start off by identifying the most cost-effective solutions for the coverage you truly need. 

That being said, we understand that insurance needs will change as time goes on. Newly needed insurances like long-term care, disability, and Medicare are completely within our wheelhouse of expertise. We’ll also be able to incorporate their increases in expenses into your comprehensive financial plan. That way you, and your retirement, get to stay worry-free.  

Lastly, we also realize that insurance changes may also be relevant to the coverage you’re already using. During our lifelong partnership, we will continuously review the insurance you have in place. This allows us to spot gaps in coverage, unnecessary expenses, and more-affordable alternatives throughout our work together.