Tax Planning

In-House Tax Planning

Between all the forms to fill out, ever-changing rules, and rigid deadlines, it can be tempting to do whatever is easiest when filing your taxes. But you don’t have to handle all the planning yourself, nor should you.

The implications of taxes are enormous at every stage in your wealth-building journey. You’ll want to minimize them while growing your wealth, protecting it, and passing it on. And our in-house CPAs specialize in income planning, asset location, and charitable giving to help you do so.

1. Income Planning

We’ll coordinate the timing of your income streams to unburden earnings.

2. Asset Location

We’ll find the most tax-beneficial places to house your assets and maximize net gains.

3. Charitable Giving

We’ll help you when donating to minimize your taxes and maximize your contributions.

Our Tax Planning Process

Our team of tax professionals starts by understanding where you are, and where you’re looking to go. Our team will recommend the best actions for you to take in the immediate that will correspond to the greatest tax benefits in the long run. 

The actions recommended to you will depend on where you are in the wealth-building journey. These actions may include but are not limited to, establishing sheltered retirement accounts, restructuring your business, calculating the timing of Social Security benefits, and using income withdrawal strategies when pulling from savings.  

Don’t worry about keeping up with ever-changing tax laws either. Our partnership is a lifelong one, and part of that will entail constantly evolving our work together. By routinely reviewing the latest tax legislation (as well as your needs and goals), we’re able to take a proactive approach to your tax planning. That means maximization of your savings and minimization of your liabilities every step of the way.