Family Office

Managing family wealth, the varied interests of the parties involved, and all of the moving parts associated with protecting and preserving your family’s wealth can be a complicated process, one which can be made easier through the establishment of a Family Office.

Family Office Overview

A Family Office offers comprehensive solutions to meet your varying high-level needs. These needs may include, but are not limited to asset management, insurance planning, tax planning, estate planning, and charitable contributions. Whatever your family needs, we have the service required all in one place. 

Additionally, we’re able to coordinate with any existing CPAs, estate planning attorneys, or other professionals to provide seamless, expert-driven service. If you’re not connected to these professionals yet, don’t sweat it. Our professional network will be able to put you in touch with those that are best suited to your situation. 

Advanced Tax Planning

High-net-worth individuals and families almost always need advanced tax planning, which is far more robust than the services provided by a typical CPA. Our advanced tax planning often includes:

    • Strategic Investment and Asset Placement
    • Forward Tax Planning
    • Strategized Distribution And Income Withdrawals
    • Structuring Trusts Or Family Limited Partnerships

In close collaboration with your CPA, or a member of our network of advanced tax planning professionals, we develop strategies to reduce the taxes you’ll owe on retirement income and wealth transference. And in cases where you’re paying more than $150K in taxes, it’s almost guaranteed we’ll save you at least 50%.

Advanced Estate Planning

Advanced estate planning is necessary for high-net-worth families who don’t want to burden their heirs – or reduce their legacy – with exorbitant taxes. To protect your wealth during the estate transfer process, you’ll likely need to implement family and/or charitable trusts with the help of an estate planning attorney.

With our premium Family Office services, we provide guidance on how to pass on your estate to family members or charities in the most tax-efficient manner. By partnering with your estate planning attorney, or an expert professional we recommend, we seek to help you increase your investment results while minimizing taxes.

Is A Family Office Right For You?

Typically, families that decide to set up a Family Office have a minimum of $20M in investable assets and a desire to:

    • Have All Wealth Management Services In One Place
    • Retain Control Over Their Assets
    • Leverage Buying Power Of Their Combined Assets 
    • Keep The Family Together And Maintain Privacy