Personal Financial Planning

Your personal financial plan is not just about the money. It’s about ensuring that your money is connected to what you find most meaningful in your life: your family, your lifestyle, the legacy you’d like to create.

A young family benefitting from Personalized Financial Planning

Addressing All Your Wealth Needs

In order to help you maximize your potential for success in all areas of your financial life, we take a comprehensive planning approach.

Wealth Enhancement

This process can be key to creating and maintaining your financial comfort. It can include:

  • Managing resources and your portfolio
  • Tax planning and tax efficiency issues
  • Personal savings
  • Simplifying your financial life
  • Education funding

Wealth And Income Protection

We work to ensure that your wealth is protected against catastrophic losses, an extended illness or disability and identity fraud. Business owners might also want to consider strategies to protect their wealth and the value of their businesses.

Wealth Transfer

Proper estate planning is the most effective way to help ensure that you are able to provide for the financial health and well-being of your family. It also can reduce or prevent much of the stress that so often occurs when heirs attempt to sort out a family member’s estate.

Charitable Giving

We help you fulfill any philanthropic goals you might have and maximize the effectiveness of your charitable legacy.

Design. Build. Protect.

Your plan is further strengthened by a living document, a Financial Life Map, to describe your financial structure today and accommodate meaningful adjustments as needed to build and protect your near- and long-term wealth.

Our financial planning process starts with a deep dive into your personal goals and your financial situation. At its most basic level, a financial plan is a road map. And a road map only works if you know your starting point and your destination. That’s why we start our financial planning work with discovery – to find out where you are today and where you want to go.

After we’ve learned everything we can about your goals, needs, and concerns, we develop an action plan. This plan includes specific recommendations to help you reach your goals. Recommendations could include everything from allocation suggestions to tax strategies to insurance protection and much more. No two sets of action plans are ever the same. Rather, they’re customized to each unique set of goals and circumstances.

Finally, the financial planning process doesn’t end once a plan is implemented. You will no doubt have changes in your life that may change your goals or needs. There can also be changes in the financial world that may require us to revisit some of your action items. That’s why we meet with our financial planning clients on a regular basis to review their plans and adjust as needed.

Your situation is unique. Your goals are unique. Your life is unique. Your financial plan should be unique too. That’s why it’s important to work with a financial planning team who will get to know you on an individual level and develop a plan that is specific to your wishes and needs.

Financial Life Map