Social Security Planning

Maximize your Social Security Benefits

If Social Security is approached improperly you can miss out on the benefits you’re entitled to receive. Thankfully, our experience has taught us which questions to ask ahead of time to prevent that from happening. 

Is now the time to take advantage of Social Security benefits? What about your spouse’s? What are the tax and income implications of your decisions? We’ll be able to answer all of these when we start planning together.

1. Benefits Timing

We’ll coordinate the best timing of your Social Security to maximize the income you receive.

2. Spousal Benefits

We’ll also strategize benefits through a marital lens to maximize benefits for your family.

3. Minimize Taxes

We’ll be proficient in maximizing your benefit income and minimizing the taxes it will face.

Our Social Security Process

Make no mistake, the impact Social Security can have on your retirement is huge. And that impact only grows larger when it’s properly approached. When working together we take the time to review your unique situation and examine the best actions for you to take in order to maximize your Social Security benefits. 

These actions may include, but are not limited to, determining how much longer you need to work, how to max out earnings before retirement age, if you should delay the receipt of your benefits, if you should be claiming spousal benefits, and how you can avoid paying unnecessary taxes on your Social Security. 

At Vertical Wealth Management, our team of financial advisors has extensive experience in handling all things Social Security for our clients. By working through the actionable steps listed above, we’re able to help you see the “big picture” when it comes to this critical piece of your retirement. When we properly account for the timing and taxing of your benefits, we’re able to maximize a consistent income to supplement the next chapter of your life.