Our Ideal Client

Wondering whether you’re a good fit for Vertical Investments? If you have a desire to preserve and grow your hard-earned wealth, then there’s a good chance that you’re a lot like our other clients.

Norfolk, Virginia

At Vertical Investments, our clients come from many different backgrounds. Some are retirees, while others are still active in their careers. Some are business owners and others are successful executives and professionals.  We work with doctors, lawyers, academics and many others.

No matter your path, we’d welcome the opportunity to learn more about you. While we do serve many different types of people, we find that are skills and services are most effective when they’re used by clients that share some of the following criteria.

If you meet the description below, then you will likely find the most value in our services.

  • Willingness to be open and honest regarding your financial life
  • Have a reasonable expectation of the markets and of investment returns
  • Willing to act on our recommendations
  • Long-term focused
  • Seeking a comprehensive relationship with a financial advisor
  • Understand the benefit and necessity of meeting at least twice a year
  • Committed to being responsive to phone calls and emails
  • Welcomes Vertical Investment’s team approach

Do these traits sound like you? If so, let’s talk further. Contact us today.