The Vertical Edge – What Makes Us Different?

At Vertical Investments, we help individuals and families advance toward their ideal financial future, with more time to spend on their own interests along the way.

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Our Vertical edge sets us apart:

We emphasize process. We believe in the power of process – its ability to reduce unnecessary complications, eliminate distractions and keep you (and us) on a deliberate track toward your financial goals. Learn more . . .

We combine disciplines. Your financial well-being calls for integrated oversight of your varied interests – your personal, professional and community resources, challenges and opportunities. Learn more . . .

We create collaboration. Optimal outcomes occur when your professional team comes together – with coordinated investment, insurance, tax, business/succession, estate, charitable giving and related planning services. Learn more . . .

We safeguard YOUR interests. We ensure that our advice and care are always in your best interests – objective, informed, and based on YOUR financial success as our highest priority. Learn more . . .

Why Us?

We know that you have a lot of choices when it comes to professional financial advice. There’s no shortage of financial professionals who are more than happy to advise you on your investments, insurance, and all other corners of your financial life. However, we think there are 10 great reasons why you should choose to work with us. In fact, these are the reasons why so many of our clients have worked with us for years, and even decades in some cases.If you’re looking for a firm that puts your goals, needs, and concerns first, then you’re looking for Vertical Investments. Here are 10 ideas that separate us from the crowd:

  1. We put your interests first. We Virginia Beachfollow the Investment Advisors Act of 1940, which requires a fiduciary standard of care. That means that we adhere to the highest possible standard when it comes to the advice that we give to our clients. We adhere to that standard because your needs are our top priority. That belief guides everything we do as a firm.
  2. We practice what we preach. We use the same research and investment criteria for our personal investments as we use to make recommendations to our clients.
  3. We deliver custom, individual service. Every client has their own unique goals, needs, and concerns. We strive to know you and your family on an individual level, so we can thoroughly understand your priorities. We provide individual attention and we customize our advice so it is unique to you.
  4. We rely on proven research. We rely on only the most stringent and thoroughly tested investment research. Our advice is guided by Modern Portfolio Theory, which has shown reliably through history how a diversified portfolio can be used to manage and mitigate unnecessary risk.
  5. We give you your own service team. Financial advice isn’t just about investment recommendations. From taxes to insurance to estate planning, your financial picture has many moving parts. That’s why we’ve partnered with various subject matter experts in the community. Through our alliances, we can provide you with the expert you need to resolve any issue or goal.
  6. We align our fees with your interests. We offer fee-only investment management services. We believe that a fee-only structure is the best way to align our interests with yours and serve you in the fairest way possible.
  7. We design unique, comprehensive financial plans. We develop financial plans that consider all of your unique goals. Our plans are comprehensive, covering every corner of your financial life. While investments are important, we go beyond investments. We create financial plans that consider how those investments will impact your life and what your financial decision making will mean for your future.
  8. We value full disclosure and transparency. We don’t hide behind industry jargon and technical investment speak. We speak plain English so you can make the most fully informed decisions possible. We also fully disclose any possible conflicts of interest or fee variations.
  9. We focus on advice, not products. Being fee-only frees us from having to pick a product to get compensated. That allows us to focus on giving you the best advice, not selling you a certain product.
  10. We help you achieve your goals with strategic advice. Every piece of advice we give is driven by one thing: your goals. We’re long-term focused, and we hope you are too. We don’t make recommendations based on short-term fluctuation or variables. We don’t offer tactical suggestions to take advantage of short-term anomalies. We implement a long-term plan to help you reach long-term goals.