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Presidents, Politics and Your Portfolio

It’s no surprise that this year’s U.S. presidential race has become a subject of conversation around the globe. In “Why Our Social Feeds are Full of Politics,” Canadian digital marketing executive Tara Hunt observes, “American politics, it seems, makes for high-intensity emotions far and wide.” The intensity will probably only increase as the November 8 […]

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Financial Risk

Our Mixed Up, Messed Up Relationship with Investment Risk

“What the imagination can’t conjure, reality delivers with a shrug.” – Trumbo (movie voice-over) Whether it’s the recent destruction wrought by Canada’s Fort McMurray oil sands wildfire, a potential June “Brexit” from the European Union, or uncertainty surrounding this year’s US presidential election, there is plenty of risk to go around as we swing into […]

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Where to Go When Bond Yields Are Low

Whether you’re retiring from a military career, a civilian post, or a culmination of both, creating a reliable retirement plan for you and your family can be challenging in any market climate. It can be especially tricky in today’s low-interest-rate environment. When bond yields are low, the traditional technique of investing your capital and living […]

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